Punphilia: A Verbal Personality Disorder (VPD) evidenced by the uncontrolled use of puns.

The root cause of Punphilia is SBD, Suppressed Bipolar Disorder.  The internal pressure which develops when you "keep it in" must find release.  The outward manifestation of SBD, the "safety valve," is punning — effecting two or more different meanings to a word or phrase, or similar words including “sounds-like” words.  For example:

"Bear" can refer to a furry animal, or pressure, as in "bear down harder."

"Bare," a "sounds-like" word, as in the aptly descriptive proctopsych phrase enlightenedly exclaimed when SBD is revealed through penetrating treatment, "bare ass naked."

Auralphilia: Another manifestation of SBD; an Aural Personality Disorder (APD) evinced by uncontrolled repetition of the same sounds in stressed syllables that bodes ill for the afflicted. There are two accented forms of illiteration:
      (i.) il'literation - illiterate alliteration, saying dumb things for the sound of it, and
     (ii.) ill'iteration - sick repetition, esp. when used to make a punful sound

The latter being of critical concern to the clinical cracktitioner trying to break through the shell to declutter and parse the psyche into understandable, embraceable elements.

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