To the best of our knowledge, the term psychoproctology was first coined by Dr. Sygmoid C. Fleet (a.k.a. Father of Modern Psychoproctology), Center for Internal Hydraulics, High Colonics, New Mexico, USA, as published in the prestedious Journal of Polymorphous Perversity, edited by Dr. Glenn C. Ellenbogen, fall issue of 1992.

In minted condition, Dr. Fleet's psychoproctology was aimed at describing a new psychoanalysis specialty field.  Our use here is much broader in scope, as in searching for Truth, and more focused on helping people find their way along life's canals.

Dr. Hawking's String Theory is fine if you just want to connect-the-dots, but Canal Theory explains how energy flows between dots and accounts for the constrictions caused by lumps and bumps along the way.

Life's journey is not laminar flow, it has irregular gradients and eddie currents as well as still waters; the canals are full of twists and turns, hidden rocks and "white-water" rapids.

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